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Gear Up Your Twitch Influence With These 6 Handy Tips & 4 Tricks

Published On January 04, 2022

Twitch is a hot and happening place! The popular streaming platform has more than 140 million monthly viewers and boasts of a growing community of content creators. In 2020 alone, more than 28 billion hours of streams, ranging from gaming to cooking tips, were broadcasted on Twitch.

If you are looking at avenues to build your influencer profile, Twitch can be a great platform as businesses are slowly but surely jumping the bandwagon. Get there before your competitors and take the first step towards becoming a successful Twitch influencer. 

Becoming famous on Twitch needs a lot of hard work and commitment. You might be tempted to start your channel after watching pro-streamers go about their business, but it’s not as easy as it looks on those live streams.

Whether you are starting on Twitch by starting a new channel or looking to go one step further by trying to make a living out of your online persona, there are some practical Twitch tips and tricks that you need to equip yourself with. Swipe down to know what it takes to tame the Twitch beast. 

Twitch Gear You’ll Need

You will be able to make an impact on Twitch only if your stream is of good quality. Assembling top-quality gear doesn’t always need to burn a hole in your pocket. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind before zeroing in on the Twitch Gear you will use for streams. 

1. A good PC

Your hardware requirement depends on what you are going to stream on Twitch. If you are into streaming games, you will most likely have a gaming laptop or gaming desktop. The minimum specification recommended by Twitch is an Intel Core i5 processor or its AMD equivalent, 8GB of RAM and at least Windows 7. If you are a Mac user, you can Twitch seamlessly as well. 

You need a sound graphics card to stream games on Twitch as it’s necessary to support the game you are playing and the streaming software you are using. Ideally, desktops work better than laptops for streaming. A laptop needs to have the required specifications to make sure your stream is seamless. Playing high-end games on a laptop may result in overheating. So it’s important to make sure you minimize your background applications while streaming. Cooling devices also come in handy.

While the minimum requirements for Twitch streaming are forgiving, streaming high-end games might be too much stress for your machine. Some Twitch users run two PCs simultaneously — one for gaming and the other for streaming. However, recent advancements in graphics cards have made it easy to stream from a single PC. Consider Nvidia’s RTX graphics cards or AMD’s Radeon RX series.

Twitch room

2. Your phone is also good enough

Keep in mind; a phone is enough if you are planning to do non-gaming streams. There is a popular category called IRL (In Real Life) where Twitch users hang out. It’s also the ideal way to test waters on Twitch before you deep-dive into streaming on the platform. 

3. A Twitch account

If you are new to the world of Twitch, head over to and click on the ‘sign up’ option on the top right of the landing page. Creating your profile on Twitch is completely free. Enter your details, create your profile image, banner and description. Make sure you describe yourself in a short but engaging manner and explain what you will be streaming. 

Secondly, if you want to archive your broadcasts for later viewing, go to Settings, click on ‘Channel Videos’, and click ‘Archive Broadcasts’. 

4. Streaming software

Picking the right streaming software is important as it is an essential part of a streamer’s kit. The two most commonly used streaming software are Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) and XSplit. While OBS is entirely free, XSplit has a free version but offers a subscription-based model to use its key features. You must get a feel for these user interfaces before selecting your preferred streaming software. Twitch also has its streaming software — Twitch Studio, with multiple built-in layouts and notification options. 

Regardless of the software you choose, setting up a stream involves three basic steps. Firstly, you need to pick your source, a computer monitor, gameplay feed, or webcam. Secondly, select your preferred layout, and finally, link your Twitch account to the streaming software. 

5. Microphone and camera

Good stream quality is a prerequisite to becoming popular on Twitch, and the two most decisive factors in this regard are the microphone and camera. 

If you are into gaming streams, you must get a decent gaming headset to ensure your audience can hear your voice without background noise. Ideally, you can get a closed-back gaming headset as it makes sure your microphone does not pick up the sound of your game.

The choice of your webcam depends on what you are planning to stream, but it’s advisable to not use the default one on your PC or laptop. Go for a webcam that records at Full HD or 1080p resolution.

However, if you don’t want to spend much on a webcam, there are options for using your phone as a camera. Several apps let you do this, but the most popular one going around is “Iriun Webcam”. 

Twitch webcam

Twitch Tips You’ll Need

Are you equipped with Twitch Gear but unsure how to approach your streams? Don’t worry, we have got it covered. Here are some of the basic yet important Twitch tips you will need to ace the game on the streaming platform. 

1. Create your style

For successful Twitch influencer marketing, you must keep finding ways to stand out from the rest, for there are close to 9 million global streamers. Find your niche and create a nice and friendly atmosphere for your viewers. It’s important to treat your stream like a show. Make sure you create your style and stick to it. Refrain from being too imposing.  

2. Be consistent 

Like we discussed earlier, Twitch influencer marketing needs much commitment. Being consistent with your streams is important as people will love coming back to you if you make them look forward to your streams in regular intervals. It’s important that you plan your streams and make sure you intimate your followers about it on your profile on Twitch and other social media platforms. 

3. Make friends on Twitch

Much like the real world, making friends on Twitch helps. For instance, Sonja “OMGitsfirefoxx” Reid, who is one of Twitch’s biggest stars with more than 740,000 followers, is known for her ability to be funny and engage with her audience. However, she struck gold when she started a series where she and a few of her close friends on Twitch broadcast their daily hijinks. This shows the value of building a gaming community. 

4. Interact and engage with your viewers

Streaming on Twitch shouldn’t be one-way traffic. Audience engagement is a top priority for most popular streamers. Twitch offers a chatroom for every stream where your audience can directly interact with you. Make sure you find time to reply and engage.

5. Your gear is not everything 

While it’s important that you get the right Twitch Gear for your stream, it doesn’t always have to be an expensive one. Don’t get bogged down when seeing top influencers using green screens, two PCs to stream and high-quality webcams. Firstly, get hold of whatever is possible and focus on providing quality content to grow your audience and build your brand on Twitch. 

6. Be patient and have fun

Twitch needs your time and commitment. Don’t worry if your follower count is not increasing for the first few months. Even if your primary motive is to make money from your streams, make sure you have fun while broadcasting your content. Your viewers on Twitch are looking for entertainment, and you must have fun. Value and interact with each follower and make them feel part of the story. 

Twitch Tricks You’ll Need

1. Be Aware of Your Stamina

It’s not the length of the streams that we are talking about here. For any Twitch stream,  you must have a clear goal and stick to it. Make sure you are dynamic enough on the stream and keep your audience engaged. Don’t say stuff like ‘finishing the game today’ and struggle to get it done just because you were hungry after 5 hours of streaming. 

2. Get the right furniture

Your furniture is as important as your tech for Twitch streams. Getting the right chair and table is not a luxury but a necessity as you’ll be more comfortable and be able to stream for longer hours. Pay special attention to ergonomics, as top Twitch influencers do. 

3. Prioritize what you need to upgrade

Once you find enough followers and find the need to get to the next level, you need to look at upgrading your set-up and we have a few tips for you. Don’t immediately go for a new microphone or a laptop, but consider upgrading in the following order. 

  1. Wear headphones. 
  2. Consider upgrading your microphones.
  3. Go for cool and diffused lighting.
  4. Get better headphones.
  5. Get the right aesthetic that suits your streams.
  6. Upgrade your webcam.

4. Focus on clean transitions

Little things matter on Twitch. Try to keep dead time on-screen during live streams. If you keep the necessary tabs and windows sorted out well before your stream, transitioning is easier. Practice a lot of screen sharing to avoid panicking during the streams. Get used to switching between inputs and outputs on your streaming software. 

Start Your Streaming Journey On Twitch! 

  • Don’t try to be someone else on Twitch. Your audience likes authenticity. 
  • Aim to stream at specific hours. Have a period where you’ll always be online.
  • Get a good microphone to make sure your voice reaches your audience.
  • Having a clear vision of your steam is the key to attracting fans. 
  • Market yourself by entering major tournaments, but refrain from spamming.
  • Give it your absolute all for every viewer that watches your stream. 
  • Profanity, abusing other streamers, or adopting gimmicks can get you blocked. 
  • Don’t fear the chatbox but always be ready to interact and engage.
  • Follow other streamers and learn how they deal with their environment and challenges during streams.
  • Don’t overthink and start enjoying what you do on Twitch.

Since you have already embarked on your Twitch journey, these tips & tricks will help you make a mark. Use these, get your gear ready and lead the way in the Twitch world.

Twitch joystick

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