8 Reasons To Choose Atisfyre As Your Influencer Platform Partner

08 July 2022
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How important is the choice of influencer platform for a creator?

As an influencer, this is probably a question that keeps you up at night. When you can connect with anyone in the world through a click, what can an influencer platform help you achieve?

The truth is, a lot! 

Influencer platforms help organize, optimize, and simplify the process by which influencers and brands connect. On the creator side, it translates to working with brands on your terms. 

A platform like Atisfyre can speed up your search for paid partnerships and expand your exposure to brands. Instead of spending heaps of time pitching to brand after brand, you can pour that energy into creating content you love, growing your Atisfyre profile, and working on projects of your choice. 

Why Atisfyre? 

Atisfyre is born out of our desire to make a difference for influencers looking for better career opportunities in the influencer marketing industry. Our platform puts the control back in the hands of creators like you, allowing you to be your own boss.

Want to know more? Here are some more reasons to choose Atisfyre as your influencer platform partner!

1. AI-powered platform 

Our AI algorithm Atisfyreact uses new-to-the-world technology to match you with the right brands. This matchmaking process is not random. Powerful data analysis of the brands’ goals and metrics from your profile is considered when assigning the right jobs for you. 

Thanks to this new-age technology incorporated within the platform, you no longer need to wait for jobs. The endless emailing and filtering through spam requests can be a thing of the past. 

2. Direct connection to global brands

Atisfyre makes landing partnerships easy. Brands are now actively working with local and global influencers through our platform. No matter where you are, with Atisfyre, you can be ideally positioned to connect with global brands and their audience. 

Also, instead of going through intermediaries, you can get work directly from brands. Once you’ve set your rates, your profile will join our influencer database and be suggested to the world’s top brands. 

We also help brands find you so that you’ll receive invitations to collaborate. New job requests appear directly on your profile. Then it is your turn to accept the requests you like and complete the assignments.

3. Influencer-led rates

One of the biggest issues influencers talk about is payment uncertainties. With Atisfyre, you are your own boss! You can set your own rates for all the content types you offer to brands. For instance, you can set a different amount for a Facebook check-in post or a Reel. We make suggestions based on the current market value, but the last call remains yours. 

If you agree on terms with the brand, they deposit your money to us. You complete the campaign, and we send you the payment—we’ve got guaranteed payments without hassle and with security. 

4. Single dashboard 

The dashboard is your one-stop shop for all key aspects to keep a tab on. Easy to navigate, it is an instant window into essential insights, stats, and real-time updates about your followers, likes, posts, jobs, and more to help you make the most of your career in influencing.

The dashboard is designed in such a way that it helps you work on your goals and improve your results over time. 

5. Automated processes for contracts and payments

We know that paperwork makes everyone groan. Yes, us too! 

Atisfyre’s algorithm automates contracts and payments for maximum efficiency. You no longer have to work through complicated negotiations or scan the fine print. Open and transparent, the platform gives you access to all relevant data on your profile. 

6. FyrePower

FyrePower is our unique metric that forms the core of how we match influencers with potential jobs. Based on your performance from previous campaigns, FyrePower defines the value of an influencer on the platform. 

Your FyrePower is impacted by the metrics below:

  • Your activity on Atisfyre
  • Response to job offers
  • Completion of contracts by their due date
  • The growth of your influencer marketing platforms
  • Account suspension and deletion

It considers all your efforts, including those on the platforms and your social media accounts, and shows up as a value.  

The equation is simple:

Higher FyrePower = Better jobs!

The key takeaway here is that you are in control of your destiny on Atisfyre. The better you perform, the more opportunities come your way. 

7. Our passionate team of experts

Atisfyre is the outcome of our influencer marketing experts’ carefully thought out and well-researched vision. We are always ready to solve any issues you face on the platform. All you need to do is shoot us a message, and we’ll get back to you with a solution. Also, we have created a library of common queries you may have as a user. 

Additionally, you will soon have access to resources that’ll help you upskill and grow your influencer brand. We are constantly working on providing the best insights and information to elevate our influencers’ knowledge. 

8. Our creator community 

Community is powerful. We aim to see influencers of all stripes and sizes growing together, supporting each other, and sharing learnings. The Atisfyre social media community is constantly welcoming new members. We provide value-packed content for our influencers on all major platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube. We also know how to have fun; check out our memes and GIFs! 

You’re welcome to join and contribute to our creator community – we’d be happy to have you! By joining us, you have the opportunity to meet like-minded creators on this influencer journey. 

Lastly, did we tell you that Atisfyre is ABSOLUTELY FREE to sign up? 

Just fill out the form, and you’re in! Once you set up your account, fill in the mandatory fields, and you are ready to start receiving jobs. 

No more reasons to wait, right? Join Atisfyre and take your influencer career to the next level.

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