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8 Knockout Tips to Write On Social Media Like A Pro

Published On February 16, 2022

Social media has been infamous for its ever-changing algorithms and new updates, making it difficult to generate engagement. You don’t have to be a genius to master writing on social media. Nor do you need a degree from the top business school to elevate your skills to prepare your next social media content calendar. All you need to find is a voice that fits and sticks with you. It does not need to be a magical silver bullet, but a few workable tips to make your social media message more appealing.

As a content creator, your content is your currency. To drive the best ROI, you continuously consume trends, write engaging copy, and put in the extra effort. The return is what you see in aligning your goals and meeting your target audience for each platform. Posting your content without a strategy is chasing your dreams halfway and simply wasting your efforts.

There is a better way to write for social media. However, how much writing for social media seems complicated, it is not if you have figured out the idea of speaking to your identified audience. But besides this idea, some proven solid tips blend so well with your vision of creating engaging posts for social media. Do you want to know what these are?

Tips to Master Social Media Copy

1. Research 

To hack social media copywriting, you need to put the work into understanding and researching your audience. People usually jump into the world of social media to achieve a sense of belonging with a present and active community there. For brands, social media is the ultimate destination for promotions because an engaged and informed audience is present. So, researching what your audience likes to see and what tips resonate with them makes all the difference. 

Success in social media is only guaranteed with relevance and authenticity in your posts. Therefore, taking the time to connect and understand your audience and figure out their obstacles is the best practice. 

Pro Tips

  • Amass enough information on social media content ideas and let it all fit your theme and brand identity. 
  • Craft content for your target audience.

2. Tell A Story 

Do you agree that social media has enormous potential for sales and conversions? But this platform can build an authentic audience too! To create a genuine force of an audience who interacts with your content, consumes it generously, and craves for it when there’s scarcity, you need to weave content with a more conversational narrative. Try to stick with storytelling rather sounding plain transactional or robotic. To let your content resonate better with your audience, learn your ideal audience language to communicate. 

Your narrative is everything to secure your place in the audience’s mind. Craft it strategically and bring the best of your social media copies. 

Pro Tips

  • Prioritize your audience and level up your social media strategy
  • Infuse storytelling, allowing your content to connect better with your target audience.

3. Focus On Developing A Voice

Every post you write should have a unique voice representing you and your brand. Although the posts are written in the language of your target audience, the overall message should blend well with your unique voice. Your voice is the true identity amidst several brand promotions, marketing activities, social interactions. Own it in every post you write because you or your company’s personality influences it. Bring your authentic voice to the table, and success will follow because it is a unique voice that gets the following.

Pro Tips 

  • Don’t get overwhelmed by the wave of a digital economy that tracks quantity more than quality.
  • Settle for your unique writing style as a social media content creator
  • Stay consistent throughout the content you create. 
  • Let your audience bond emotionally and build trust.

4. Keep Things Concise 

The golden rule to prioritizing your audience is valuing their time too. Get the message across quickly instead of sounding extensively preachy. Value your audience time because it is essential if you want them to read your posts. Perfect your caption game by using the best practices and keep things concise and straightforward. The winning strategies to make your content easily consumable are:

Pro Tips: 

  • Write social media posts in an easy-to-read language. 
  • Use bullets, headings, and lists to make content easily scannable
  • Keep the paragraphs to two to three sentences. 
  • Stay succinct while writing on a topic. 

5. Always Use A CTA

At the end of your copy on social media post, prompting your audience with what action you would like them to take is called the CTA. In the past few years, a call-to-action has become a softer nudge to interact than a pushy attempt to promote and sell. The action you want your audience to take should not be a money grabber only. It could mean attending an event, taking part in a quiz, or buying products from a new launch. CTAs have grown as an excellent way to prompt a response and come in different forms with different purposes. You can turn up to your audience and motivate them to take action with these proven CTAs.

Pro Tips: 

  • Ask your audience to leave a comment of a question in the post
  • Send them to a landing page 
  • Urge them to subscribe to your newsletter 
  • Let them connect with you on other social media platforms 
  • Direct them to a website 

6. Write For The Right Platform 

The social media platform you write for defines how you should articulate your writing. Every platform demands the content tweaked a little while staying consistent with your voice. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn — they all come with their zone of content creation. Understanding the expectation of each platform adds to the social media content plan. 

Pro Tips

  • Twitter works on the USP of the character limit. 
  • Facebook and Instagram allow brands to explore creative limits by including voices emotionally connected with them. These platforms have the potential to convert influencers into brand advocates. 
  • While the bottom line of social media is sharing links, it acts as a path to spread the information. 

7. Don’t Forget Hashtags 

Social media and hashtags go hand in hand. But only to leverage your content with more content discoverability, you should not flood your content with a massive amount of hashtags. It depicts a spammy inclination of your page and could have the worst outcome in the language of digital marketing. 

Pro Tips

  • Put the tags at the bottom because, in Instagram, anything after the 125th character goes hidden behind the triple dots. 
  • Using tags lends a whole new level of exposure, especially if you are jumping into trends.

8. Complement The Content With Stellar Visuals 

Content is king, but attractive visuals ace the complete content formation. Using graphics, videos, and images to narrate a story increases engagement. It helps present the content better and can tell the whole concept quickly. It’s interesting to note that an image or video can itself convey the entire message to the audience. Videos are better received as these can humanize and have a more profound influence. 

Pro Tips

  • For better results, optimize visual content depending on the platform you’re posting to bring more relatability and professionalism when the message is shared. 
  • Most social media platforms have live features that lend authenticity to your content, which is otherwise missing in high-quality scripted marketing videos. Leverage this!

Words Drive Engagement

Engaging and out-of-the-box social media writing is where everyone is heading right now. You can tailor your social media content plan by incorporating audio and visual content that resonates better and stays longer in their minds. A cardinal rule of social media marketing is staying relevant and authentic. What may have worked for you in 2020 may not work for the social media calendar 2022. Your social media strategy needs a constant update to stay ahead of the game. 

Today, more than ever, you need to modernize your writing style. The bottom line is you can bond well with your audience by keeping them in mind when crafting your social media posts and weaving the story with deep research. 

As you invest your skills and energy to curate engaging social media posts, we bring our influencer platform that adds to your endeavor to monetize your creativity. Atisfyre, our AI-based influencer platform, will connect you with the leading brands that match your style and audience to help you explore potential collaboration opportunities. 

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