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15 Instagram Tips, Tricks, Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner!

Published On December 06, 2021

Instagram has had a meteoric rise over the years, growing in ways that only a few would have imagined, making content creation a career option. Influencers have aced the game, and if you are looking to expand your reach and grow your followers, we have pro tips and guidance right here for you!  

Keep in mind that taming the Instagram beast is tricky but not improbable, and these tips and hacks make life easy.

Instagram Growth Tips

1. Get notified when your favorite ones post 

Are you constantly engaging with your followers, but the magic number is not going up? It’s important to understand that engaging with comments on your posts and responding to them is only a primitive way to expand your reach. 

On Instagram, “engagement” is the buzzword. The current algorithm favors people who are focused on driving engagement. 

Do it like a pro

Go beyond the boundaries and make your presence felt on your favorite people’s feeds. A simple way to do so is by turning on “post notifications”. It allows you to know whenever someone you follow has posted something new. 

To set up push notifications, go to the desired profile, click on the bell icon on the top-right of the page.

2. Become Part of Feature Accounts

One of the tried and tested Instagram Tips to get more eyeballs to your post is getting your content published on feature accounts which generally have many followers and engagement rates. 

Do it like a pro!

You may have noticed certain profiles curating and sharing content from other profiles based on specific hashtags or niches. You can get your content featured there. 

Wondering how? Make sure you turn on post notifications for such featured profiles. Keep engaging with their posts, and you can directly message them to get your post featured on their profiles. Mentioning their account’s hashtag when you post also works.

3. Make keyword an integral part of your name

As a content creator, identifying your niche is the first significant step towards becoming an Instagram Pro. A simple trick to get your content seen by more people is adding a keyword to your name. 

Do it like a pro!

Adding a keyword to your name increases your chances of appearing on search results, but do it after figuring out your target audience.

For instance, if your profile name is Tyler Durden and you are a food 30blogger, you can have Tyler Durden_New York Food Blogger. Remember, you have only 30 characters to work with.

4. Get Your Place in Related Account Suggestions

The “Suggested for You” feature is a great way to discover new people on Instagram and increase your followers. Wondering how?

Do it Like a Pro!

All you need to get featured in the “Suggested for You” section is to keep following profiles related to your niche, location, and content.

Here is an example: If you do food reviews in London, you need to follow food reviewers and bloggers from London.

5. Make Hay While the Sun Shines

The peak algorithm period on Instagram is the first half-hour after publishing a new post 一 15 minutes before, and 15 minutes after you post new content on your feed. 

Influencers have mastered the art of making hay while the sun is shining.

Do it like a pro!

The ideal way to do it is by liking others’ posts, following accounts and leaving comments during the said time. However, be careful not to spam others’ feeds. Leaving thoughtful comments is necessary.

Instagram Quick Hacks

1. Bid farewell to pinch-zoom

If you regularly post Instagram Stories, you will have noticed that a two-finger pinch-zoom to close in on your subjects is nearly impossible. 

Do it like a pro!

It’s possible to zoom into your subjects with just one finger while posting Stories. 

When you press and hold the shutter button at the bottom-center of the screen to record videos for Stories, you can slide your finger up the screen to zoom in and slide down to zoom out. As simple as that.

2. Make use of the entire color wheel 

While using colors in your text, make sure you don’t limit yourself to the default set of colors available but use an entire palette range.

Do it like a pro! 

Once again, this is a good Instagram hack when you are posting Stories. After you have uploaded content or shot your content with the Stories Camera, press the text of the drawing button at the top right of the screen. 

After you have put in your message, tap the color wheel at the top center. You will see the basic colors appear at the bottom of the screen. 

Press and hold any of those colors to get the entire range of color gradients.

3. Your hashtags can be hidden

Hashtags are an integral part of Instagram Stories and posts. While influencers use hashtags to reach a wider audience, they follow this simple hack to avoid cluttering the posts. 

Do it like a pro!

Put your hashtags on your uploaded content or recorded videos. Then follow the tips below to create a bit of magic in your post. 

  • Move and adjust the size of the text to fit the part of your post that has a solid color. 
  • Highlight the text in the solid color and then press the dropper icon on the screen’s bottom-left. 
  • Move the dropper to match the color of the photo.

4. Pack Your Stories With Photos 

Your Instagram Story doesn’t always need to be a single photo. With this pro tip, you can flaunt your skills.

Do it like a pro!

  • Before opening your Instagram app, open your camera roll. 
  • Select one of the many photos that you would wish to use on your Instagram Story. 
  • Press the share button on the gallery app and select “copy photo”.
  • After copying the photo, open your Instagram app and then the Stories Camera. 
  • Select “Create” from the list on the right of your screen and tap the text box. Move the placeholder to where you want your photo to be placed. Hold and press ‘paste’. You can do this multiple times. 

5. Pick the background color of your choice

Well, it is possible to pick from a wider range of colors for your background.

Do it like a pro!

When you upload the content to your “Stories”, make sure you have the background color you want to use. 

  • Press the drawing icon at the top-right of the Stories screen after that. 
  • Press the dropper tool at the bottom-left of the screen, hold it and pick the color you want to use from your photo. 
  • Quickly tap on the color and hold it. 

Instagram Post Tips

1. Manage Frequently Used Filters

Love using filters? Here is a quick way to make the filters you use the most appear at the top of your list.

Do it like a pro!

  • Open the Instagram app, click the plus button, and create your post. After pressing next, you will get to choose your filters. 
  • Scroll through the list till the end and there you will find the “manage option”. 
  • Press it and drag and move filters that you frequently use to the top.

2. Make your post hashtags invisible

There are multiple ways to manage your hashtags on your post. You must know the standard method of using them in the comments section, but here is another way to avoid clutter on your posts on Instagram.

Do it like a pro!

  • Select the photo you want to add hashtags too and press the comment button.
  • Add five periods and press the return key after each one to create a line break. 
  • Press return one more time and, boom, add all your hashtags there.

3. Pinned Comments To Your Rescue

Well, if you have a long caption for your post, you might not be able to fit it in, as Instagram allows only 2,200 characters for a caption. 

How do top influencers manage to pen down their thoughts in a single post? Let’s reveal the secret here. 

Do it like a pro!

  • You will get 900 more characters for each post. All you need to do is use the extra characters as pinned comments.
  • Instagram allows you three pinned comments per post. In the comment box, press the pin button to add the part of the caption that didn’t fit in. 

4. Avoid clutter on your photo

Well, top influencers make their photos look clean. Tagging relevant accounts is crucial, but it can be done correctly by using all the tags in one corner of the image. 

5. Space your caption well 

Another simple tip that separates the pros from the rest on Instagram is using well-spaced captions. Adding line breaks while using captions can make it presentable and easier for your followers to grab. 

Do it like a pro!

Instagram has lately been allowing line break options when you key in your caption. But if you cannot figure it out, write your caption on your notes app and paste it while creating a post. 

And A Highly Engaging Instagram Post Looks Like…

Itching to have a shot at a viral post? Well, here is a glimpse of what makes a highly engaging Instagram post. 

According to an online survey conducted by Mention, a look at more than 115 million Instagram posts, including some of the top posts of all time, revealed that a highly-engaging post has an average of 111 comments and 6,214 likes. 

In the survey sample, the fewest engagement meant 1000 likes while a post at the other end of their spectrum received 11 million likes. Meanwhile, tagging users is a tested method to increase engagement and on average, a post had 1.6 users tagged. 

What about hashtags? Top influencers don’t rely much on hashtags, but Mention found 5.44 hashtags per post in some of their most popular ones.  

Ready To Become An Instagram Pro?

Influencer marketing is not easy – and surviving as an influencer is even more challenging! It takes consistent effort and a little bit of luck to build those killer Instagram engagement rates. From growth tactics to posting advice — these Instagram tips, tricks and hacks, will help you work smarter, not harder. 

While you focus your time & energy on what you do best – creating engaging content that delivers a compelling message to your potential customers, Atisfyre’s AI-driven platform connects you with leading brands worldwide to explore collaboration opportunities.

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