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Top Influencer Skills To Have For A Breakthrough In 2022 (Plus Platform-Based Tips)

Published On April 25, 2022

Social media has evolved hugely in the past decade. This growth has made niches like fashion, beauty, and wellness saturated, and has impacted influencers too. To continue to thrive, influencers need to know how to be adaptable and this is possible by understanding and learning the latest skills.  Honing your influencer skills help you tackle the competition head-on and adds more value to your repertoire. You can expand your skills and win successful collaborations, even with a small following.

Expanding your influencing career in 2022 may seem like a challenge if you don’t have the skills to cement your presence. Today, we are breaking down the most crucial skills to brighten your influencing journey in 2022. 

5 Top Influencer Skills You Need 

  1. Master OBS for live streaming 

Live streaming is a powerful way to interact with your audience. While a polished, edited video may capture audience interest, your viewers come to know you better with live streaming. Live streaming has the highest engagement rate of all content types. 

OBS (open broadcaster software) is free and open-source for video recording and live streaming. Set up a day and time and try to host a live stream at least once a week. You can generate hype around your event and give notice in advance for maximum attendance.

  1. Get comfortable on camera 

You’re an influencer for a reason, so you need to break free from camera shyness. Acquaint yourself with your camera to make awesome video content each day while interacting with your audience. 

How comfortable you are behind the camera helps you capture campaign opportunities. After all, who wouldn’t want a confident influencer with an engaged audience to represent their brand? 

  1. Learn short video editing 

The pandemic has refined content consumption and led to TikTok and Reels’ rising success. Yes, short-form videos are here to stay; meaning that editing short-form videos is paramount for influencers. You can upskill in 2022 by learning editing skills for these bite-sized videos using apps like InShot

Plus, it’s easier to create short-form videos, because you can experiment with content. Learning about hooks, timing, transitions, and trimming may seem daunting, but it is a skill that will benefit you in future. 

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  1. Automation for time management 

Amidst multiple campaigns, content creation, and keeping track of trends, many influencers lose track of time and end up lost. But when you’re in this position, it becomes pivotal to have automated time management.

We recommend using tools like Trello or a daily planner to map out your day, goals, and content creation. Tools like this offer smooth turnarounds with the help of scheduling and analytic features. 

Pro Tip: Being consistent is the no.1 trait of a successful influencer, and you can only ace this by sticking to your goals and keeping track of time.

  1. SEO for the win!

What’s the point of creating content that doesn’t get any views? That’s where SEO helps.

You can stand out in the oversaturated content creator space with a well-planned SEO strategy to enhance your brand visibility and make it accessible to a broader audience. But what does this require?

  • In-depth keyword research
  • Good, original content
  • The optimization of all your profiles for search engines scanning
  • A user-friendly, intuitive layout

When you make a diverse and robust profile, SEO boosts your profiles’ visibility.

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Upskill & Reskill With These Platform-based Skills

Upskilling and reskilling as an influencer remodels your take on content creation. If your content is not receiving the traction it deserves, it may be time to reshape your social media strategy by acquiring new skills based on different social media platforms. 

You need a different set of plans for each platform. Why? Because each has a diverse audience and algorithm:. 

  1. Instagram 
  • Collaborations: Instagram has many opportunities to grow your presence. But partnerships have remained a standard in boosting popularity and followers. Collaborate with other influencers with similar interests through a giveaway, Insta Lives, or series.
  • Reels: Reels are all the rage right now! Instagram Reels is the best tool to give you a boost in your reach. You can try out some trends, and use trending audio and filters to get the best of these short-sized videos.
  1. YouTube 
  • Editing and creating shorts: Professional video editing can be a costly affair. But the demand for high-quality videos is soaring. That’s why you need to sharpen your skills to create professional YouTube videos. Get familiar with the latest editing tools and create high-quality videos like YouTube Shorts, which are bite-sized videos much like Instagram Stories.
  • Music editing: This skill holds more value if you are on platforms that rely heavily on audio, like YouTube. Use the top tools like Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro for the best music for your videos.
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  1. Twitch 
  • Branding for live streams: Offering a consistent experience is an advantage in fostering a community. Another skill to hone as an influencer, especially on Twitch, is effective branding. Branding as a Twitch influencer may not just mean adding a logo to your page but also providing a consistent experience to your audience. This includes layouts, social media palettes, and cross-media consistency. Our advice? Stick to your brand!
  • Editing long streams: While you need to be good at the content you create, you also need to ace editing it. Cutting, segmenting, and reworking your content is key on a platform where users may miss out on the original stream.
  1. Facebook 
  • Writing long-form content: Long-form captions still play a vital role on Facebook. Magnetic headlines and captivating captions are key to drawing audience interest and getting them to take the action you desire.
  • Working with Facebook Business Manager: Navigating Facebook may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Facebook’s Business Manager is a central hub for your business on the platform. It comes with a range of statistics and analytics, helping you identify areas of improvement easily. Try out this tool to boost some of your posts and reach a wider audience.
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Become The Trendsetting Influencer of 2022!

Having a name in the influencer community is fun, exciting, and the dream of every budding influencer. But what makes a good influencer in 2022 is someone who is passionate about their work and meticulously progresses towards their influencer marketing skills. 

Power up your influencing career today and work towards reskilling and upskilling. As you boost your skill set, let Atisfyre connect you with the best brands out there. 

 It’s free. Sign up here!

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