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Tips To Master The Art Of Mock Shots As A Creator

Published On January 31, 2022

At one point or another, creators will get introduced to requests for mock shots. 

If you haven’t been asked yet, you may in the future. So it serves you well to know what Mock Shots are and the do’s and don’ts to consider when making them. 

Some brands ask creators for mock shots before a collab, while some don’t. Either way, it helps to be proficient at them to avoid losing collaboration opportunities. It is soon becoming a prerequisite for several brands, especially now that influencer marketing is becoming more common.

In this blog, we share a concise take on mock-ups and tips to create the one that will land you the deals you are aiming for. 

What Is A Mock Shot?

A mock shot is a basic layout, similar to a sample or content piece that a brand requests to assess a creator’s potential and viability for a campaign. It improves the relationship between brands and creators. It’s also important for building trust and can help a creator land bigger brand campaigns. It serves as a well-prepared content sample that serves as a statement of interest. It is meant to offer the brand a sense of the tone and language of the content you’ll be creating for the brand cooperation.

Brands can use some version of the following phrases when reaching out to you:

1. “Submit a pitch post / mock shot”.

2. “Send in a letter of interest”

3. “Send a sample similar to your content USP.”

When Do Brands Ask For A Mock Shot?

Usually, a brand will ask for a mock shot when the stakes are high on their end. This is not just beneficial for them but also for creators. You don’t want to get the boot later because you are not up to meeting the brand’s hopes. Here are three reasons why a brand may ask you for a mock shot in the selection process:

The product is expensive

The higher the price tag on a product, the higher the probability of mock shot requests. Luxury brands are not like other types of brands. They rely on exclusivity, a strong brand voice and identity, and a dedicated community of elite followers to justify the higher price point of their luxury items,

Luxury brands must also strike the proper tone with their influencer marketing, preserving it’s elevated atmosphere while also reaching out to the relevant audiences. This means choosing an influencer has a lot riding on it. 

The product is difficult to attain

Often, the product is a limited edition that needs the right buzz created beforehand to hit “SOLD OUT”. In order to offer a powerful new expression and experience for niche customers, a successful brand partnership must be built on a solid fit, bringing together the uniqueness of each side. To target their ideal customer, brands recognize the importance of high-quality, time-sensitive content. They’ll search for a similar idea in influencer mock shots as well.

The creative brief is defined

“This isn’t what we were hoping for” can be a dampener for both the brand and the influencer alike. This happens most often when the brand has a specific creative direction they want to go in. If the influencer doesn’t meet or is not clear on the creative brief, it can lead to frustrations on both sides, even to the point that the collaboration doesn’t move forward. To avoid such scenarios, brands can request a mock shot. 

Master Mock Shots As A Creator

As the adage goes, “well begun is half done” a mock shot can set you up for success from the first step. When you take the pains to submit a sample that will WOW the brand, they will love to work with you. 

So here are some tips for you to make a work of art in your mock shots:

1. Submit a mock shot close to the end product

This is proof of potential. Show the brand you’ve read and understood the brief. The mock shots need to be a precursor of what the actual content will look like. Take time to research the brand’s previous work on their social media profiles or ads you have come across. This will help you understand the “feel” the brand projects in its content. Converge your style with theirs and then develop the mock shot. 

2. Don’t compromise on quality

A low-quality work reflects poorly on you. Don’t sabotage your opportunities even before you are in the door. Put in as much effort as you would into the final shots. Use the best quality camera and other equipment that you can. 

Estimate the time you would need and back plan your work. This way, you won’t be hurrying through to meet the deadline, and in the process, compromise on the quality.

3. Be creative and think outside the box

The request for the mock shot itself shows that the brand believes you will showcase something exemplary that they haven’t been able to find yet. So wear your thinking cap and brainstorm new ideas. This can be your chance to push your creativity to another level. You can try something new or an idea you had in the pipeline. Again, plan your work, so you have enough time to pivot if the idea doesn’t turn out well. 

4. Be punctual

We know that a lot is going on these days, and you may miss a deadline, but you should never jeopardize your commitments because of procrastination. If you can help it, DO NOT miss a submission deadline. Tardiness even before the collaboration begins will harm your odds. Be professional and respect time.  

5. Stick to the brief

It’s important to find the right balance between creativity and the brief. Push the envelope as much as possible but without altering the overall demands of the brand. 

Pro Tips: What To Avoid While Submitting Mock Shots

Now that you know all you must do to ensure you are submitting the best mock shot you can, there is also some absolute no-no you need to heed. 

1. Submit plagiarized content

Never claim someone else’s work as your own and send it. Trust us; the brand will know if it is plagiarized work. This includes “free sources” on the internet or Pinterest. You not only harm your reputation but you may not get another chance again. Anyone who sends plagiarized content shows a lack of authenticity, originality, and ethics for a brand. 

2. Submit low-quality content

We said before, and we say again, do not compromise on quality. It shows laziness and a lack of commitment towards your work. You are also setting a bar for yourself in front of the bar. You will also only get paid as much as your work is worth. 

3. Submit mock shots that aren’t as good as the rest of your portfolio

You may feel tempted to cut corners due to various reasons. But the fact is that every brand wants to feel like you are giving them the maximum importance. While budget or time constraints can be limiting, submitting work that is not up to your standards will show the brand that you may de-prioritize them in the future too. 

Brands are always on the lookout for creators who go above and beyond the call of duty. Many creators are compensated well for their creativity and commitments to the brands they represent. You can be one of them too. Remember, every part of your career as an influencer reflects your commitment to this path. Mock shots are also as important as the actual work you will be doing with the brand partner. When a brand asks to submit one, send the best you can and wait for good things to come your way.

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