Influencer Rates: The Data-driven Guide

14 October 2022
influencer rates

One of the main reasons influencers opt for content creation as a full-time career is a flexibility and freedom that comes with it. While it is great to have that type of freedom when it comes to your work, there needs to be a certain amount of thought that goes into it. Instead of blindly guessing and under-cutting (or over) yourself, why not use data to get an accurate asking rate every time?

Being your own boss is liberating, and Atisfyre takes this one step further by letting influencers set their asking rates for different platforms and promo types. Read on for our recommendations on how you should go about this process.

Why setting your rates is crucial

The rates you set are key in being picked by brands for campaigns. Even if everything you bring to the table is exactly what they need, inaccurate asking rates could be your downfall.

  • Set your asking rate too high, and you automatically become expensive and unaffordable
  • Set your rate too low, and you automatically raise red flags as someone who doesn’t value their product

Setting your asking rates on Atisfyre

Atisfyre offers three different promo types each across four social media platforms. This means that there are 12 different rates that an influencer has the option to set themselves. 

The following are the different types of promos available:


  • 50-word check-in post
  • Single image post with text
  • 30-second video with text


  • Single image post with text
  • 15-second video with text
  • 30-second video with text


  • Promotions description video: 5 minutes or longer
  • Video sponsored by name with URL in description: 1 minute or longer
  • 30-second promo video


  • 30-second premade promotional Twitch video
  • 5 min video content with 30-second promotion mid-premade video
  • 5 min video

While most collaborations will be one-off campaigns, each of these 12 requires attention to give you the best shot. 

As shown below, we also give you our suggestions for an average rate. This is a benchmark rate based on industry standards and campaign demands. Although Atisfyre suggests the current market rate, you are ultimately the decision-maker. You decide your own pricing. 

Factors to consider while setting asking rates

While Atisfyre is an automated platform that doesn’t bring the influencer face-to-face with the brand, one practice we suggest is to imagine that you are going to be interviewed by a marketer from the brand. 

Consider how you would justify your asking rate to this brand in such a case. This same logic should go into deciding your prices. Some factors to help you arrive at your pricing for different promo types:

Follower count

While there is more to it than just this metric, follower count is right up there among the most important ones. Brands ultimately want to reach more people, and this is a great starting point.

Engagement rate

Sure, a lot of followers see your content. But how many engage with it? Engaging with content in the form of likes, shares, comments, and more is a sign that the audience is very interested in it. Brands that notice a high engagement rate will pay a premium for the community you’ve generated online.


If you are a KOL or a well-known voice within a specific niche, you can demand a premium for influencer campaigns based on your credibility.


This is a big one as it is exactly what brands want from a campaign. The fact that the AI has presented you with a brand signifies that you are in line with their Targeting Criteria. Deliver exactly what they need, and your price increases.

Final pro tip

If you’re getting brand collaborations through Atisfyre, consider lowering your asking rates for convenience as well as time saved on the following operational tasks:

  • Physical negotiations
  • Hiring a production crew
  • Opportunity for more business

Take these into account and convince the brand and our AI algorithm that you’re the best fit for the collaboration.
If atisfyre sounds like the perfect match for you, don’t wait any longer to find brand partnerships and start earning an income. Sign-ups are easy and FREE!

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