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Here’s Your All-round Guide For Instagram Insights

Published On June 08, 2022

Tried all methods but still couldn’t get more likes and comments on your IG posts? Introducing Instagram Insights, the only IG tool you need to boost your IG growth organically. Instagram Insights is a new feature allowing Business Account users a peek into their performance and engagement rates on Instagram. This feature gives you in-depth knowledge about your audience and their behavior. It informs you of the posts doing well on your profile and those that plummet your views and profile visits.  

instagram insights
Figure 1: Instagram Insights. Source: Hootsuite

A tool like Instagram Insights is a life-saver for all influencers, allowing them to understand if they are targeting the right audience. It unfolds the loopholes in your marketing strategy, stopping you from scaling on the social channel. A careful analysis of your results on Insights will help you make adjustments to your content strategy and grow exponentially. 

This blog will discuss how you can access Insights, view your performance, and evaluate the results. Let’s dive right in!

How Do I Activate My Instagram Insights?

Not every IG account has Insights. Only Business Accounts do. So, if you’re an influencer looking for additional information on how you’re performing on the platform, switching to a Business Account is a must. And here’s how you do it:

instagram business account
Figure 2: IG Business Account. Source: Hootsuite

1. Go to your profile and press the menu option (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner.

2. Tap on Settings.

3. Click Account and scroll down to the bottom.

4. Press “Switch To Professional Account.” 

5. Choose the “Business” option and link your business account with your Facebook business page. This step is optional.

6. Add your business and contact details.

7. You are done! 

Where Can I View My Instagram Insights?

Once you switch to a Business Account, you can view IG Insights by tapping the “Insights” action button on your profile. You can even tap the menu option in the top right corner of your profile and click the “Insights” tab for an overall analysis of your business profile.

jillian warren instagram account
Figure 3: Insights action button. Source: Later

insights access
Figure 4: Alternative method to access Insights. Source: HubSpot 

Instagram Insights also provides individual analytics of Stories, Posts, and Lives. Here’s how you can access them.


  • Go to your profile and click on your profile picture.
  • Scroll up on the current story to immediately get an insight into that Story. The data will show you reply, exits, link clicks, forwards, etc.
  • To access Insights for the previous Stories, navigate to your profile and tap the Insights action button.
  • Click Stories under the “Content You Shared” section. 
  • Swipe up till you reach the specific story you’d like to see Insights for.


  • Navigate to your profile and go to the individual posts you’d want to see insights for. 
  • Tap the banner at the bottom of the post and click ”View Insights.”
  • Now, you’d see the number of likes, shares, comments, and saves for that post. 


  • You can view insights for a Live you’ve recently finished. The data will give you the number of viewers, likes, comments, and drop-offs. 
  • To access insights for a Live you conducted in the past, go to your profile and tap the Insights action button. Under the “Content You Shared” section, tap Live Videos. 
  • Finally, click on the Live you’d like to see insights for.

Instagram Metrics and What Do They Mean?

Now that you know how you can access IG Insights, the next step is to learn what each of them means — simply staring at the data will be worthless if you don’t know what those numbers mean. After all, the entire idea of IG Insights is to help you understand your audience and optimize your posts as per their interests. So, let’s look at what each of the metrics means.

A. Profile Insights

interaction panel
Figure 5: IG Profile Insights. Source: Hopper

Instagram offers 9 diverse metrics to optimize your profile. They include:

1. Follower count: As the name implies, it is the total number of people currently following you. 

2. Impressions: This metric indicates the total number of times people have seen your posts. It factors in all the repeat views, too.

3. Reach: It is the number of unique views from users seeing any of your posts for the first time.

4. Profile views: It is the number of times Instagram users viewed your profile.

5. Website clicks: This metric is for the number of times people clicked the link in your bio — the link could lead to your website, online storefront, etc. 

6. Call/Email clicks: It indicates the total number of clicks on your contact details, be it call or email.

7. Posts: This is the number of posts you uploaded on your profile. 

8. Mentions: This metric accounts for the number of times other IG users mentioned your profile in their content. 

9. Branded hashtags: The number of accounts that used your branded hashtag in their content.

B. Instagram Audience Insights

audience panel
audience and gender graphics
Figure 6: IG Audience Insights. Source: Hootsuite

1. Gender: This metric tells you your followers’ gender distribution — men and women. 

2. Age: Interestingly, you can also get to know the age of the people following you and finding your content engaging. Usually, the age categories are 13-17, 18-24, 25-34- 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65+.

3. Top locations: Instagram allows you to discover the top 5 countries your followers belong to. This is a crucial piece of information, allowing you to create content in the language of your followers and upload it as per their time zones. Such personalized content will get more engagement.

4. Followers — Hours: It reveals the average time (in hours) when your followers are on Instagram, helping you understand when they are most active.

5. Followers — Days: This metric tells you the days of the week your followers are most active on Instagram. Again, this metric will help you identify when to post on IG and conduct Lives for a higher engagement rate.

C. Instagram Posts Insights

post insights panel
Figure 7: IG Post Insights. Source: NeoReach

1. Impressions: The number of times your post has been seen, regardless of how the users saw it: while scrolling through their feed, looking at your profile, or if they received it on IG Direct from a friend.

2. Reach: This metric is a total of the unique accounts that saw your post.

3. Likes: The number of unique likes on your post.

4. Comments: The total number of comments your post received, including the comment replies.

5. Saved: This is a new metric telling you how many people saved your IG post.

6. Engagements: This metric is a total of the number of people who liked, shared, commented, and shared your post. Note that it doesn’t count multiple comments from the same user.

7. Views: This metric is specifically for your video posts, IGTV, and Reels, telling you the total views on the video. It is noteworthy that you get 1 view when a user watches the video for at least 3 seconds.

8. Audience retention (IGTV only): It lets you know how long your video retained the audience’s attention. This metric helps you know what your video’s length should ideally be.

D. Instagram Stories Insights

discovery panel
Figure 8: IG Stories Insights. Source: Later

1. Impressions: It tells you the total number of times people saw your photo or video in your story.

2. Reach: This metric is a total of the unique views on your IG Story.

3. Exits: It is the total number of times users have swiped out of your story.

4. Replies: As the name suggests, it is the number of replies to your story. 

5. Peoples insight: It is the list of all accounts that have seen your story. You can even view their profiles by simply clicking on their IG handles on the list.

E. Instagram Live Insights

ig live insights
Figure 9: IG Live Insights. Source: SkedSocial

1. Live views: This metric is the total number of people currently watching your IG Live. The number would be available on the top right corner of your screen and you can also check out the users’ profiles.

2. Viewers: It is the total number of viewers who saw any part of your IG Live. You can see this metric after Live is over.

Regular analysis of these Instagram metrics will exponentially boost your Instagram growth. The data enables all social media influencers to post the right content at the right time and in the right tone. These insights will even help you get successful results for all influencer campaigns you are a part of. As you’d upload heart-touching posts, your audience will quickly take action. This will even help you build a lasting relationship with your followers and position you as an influential Instagram influencer.

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