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8 Apps To Boost Your Instagram Stories Exponentially

Published On August 24, 2022

Instagram Stories come with so many customization features. Then why use an additional app to create them, right? 

Stories are a powerhouse of potential for creators who want to build their careers through Instagram. Since 2020, Instagram Stories has seen the most popular activity on the platform. So you need to be intentional about posting content that draws attention and drives engagement. But how do you capture attention among the 500 million stories posted on Instagram? 

Boost your Instagram Stories
Figure 1: Watching Instagram Stories is a popular activity for US users. Source: Financesonline

Make your Stories unique, creative, and different from others, so your audience can’t resist clicking on them in their feeds. Thankfully, there are a few apps that help you do just that and more. Let’s look at the different app options for creators to create images and videos to boost your Instagram Stories. 

The Best Instagram Story Apps for Images


Figure 2: VSCO is the gold standard for editing photos. Image Source: VSCO

Available on: iOS and Android 

VSCO provides expert-looking editing presets and a wide range of features for changing color, texture, light, and angle. It is regarded as the industry standard for photo editing. Even if your phone photography abilities aren’t top-notch, you can easily import and edit high-definition raw images from your professional camera for Stories. Simply choose a filter you like and apply it to your Instagram Stories to create a unified and consistent brand image.

Key features:

  • 200+ complete presets in the collection
  • Advanced tools such as HSL and FX in the paid version
  • Options to create Collages and Montages
  • Video editing options 
  • VSCO Spaces to create galleries.
  • DSCO to make GIFs

Price: Free. Advanced features are available for membership holders. 

2. Unfold

unfold for photos
Figure 3: Unfold is best for minimalist-style photos Source: Unfold

Available on: iOS or Android   

The app has tapped into the recent photo trends leaning toward elegant and minimal Instagram Story layouts. The presets make developing a sleek and contemporary look quick and simple. Unfold calls itself “a toolset for storytellers.” With the help of the numerous photo and text layout styles, this Instagram Stories app provides, you can make each Story mimic a mini digital magazine.

Key features:

  • Assortment of free and paid templates
  • Unique font sets exclusive to the app user
  • User-friendly interface
  • Best for creating simple, minimal aesthetics

Price: Free, Unfold+ offers special features and templates, and the Pro version that offers unlimited access to everything needed for social media. 

3. StoryLuxe

storyluxe app
Figure 3: StoryLuxe is an app dedicated to creating Insta Stories. Source: StoryLuxe

Available on: iOS

For Instagram Stories that call for a polished vibe, Storyluxe is ideal. It is renowned for having the freshest and most creative templates available. The 700 templates in the app resemble film strips or images stitched together. Use neon components as well to give your design some extra punch. 

Key features:

  • Templates inspired by film photography
  • Direct export to post on IG stories
  • Custom brand watermark for premium users

Price: Free and Paid version with advanced features

4. A Design Kit

design kit tool
Figure 4: A Design Kit is a perfect app for vibrant, colorful photos. Source: A Design Kit

Available on: iOS     

A Design Kit is an excellent app for making distinctive, captivating Stories with loads of personality. You can add customization by writing and drawing on your images using this app’s pencil and brush tools. It’s the perfect tool to give your Instagram Stories a creative edge. Check out #ADesignKit to get inspired by other users in the community. 

Key features: 

  • Unlimited creative options with custom stickers
  • More than 60 fonts and over 200 design options
  • Bold, playful background options

Price: Free. The paid version is also available with advanced features. 

The Best Instagram Story Apps For Videos

1. Hype Type

hype type editor
Figure 5: Hype Type is best for motion typography in videos. Source: Google Play Store

Available on: iOS and Android

Your movies, Boomerangs, and GIFs can all have animated text added to them with Hype Type. This tool is excellent for ensuring that your message stands out and grabs the attention of your viewers. The only limitation is that you cannot change the text’s font or colors. You can only add one layer or animated text with this tool. However, a simple alternative allows you to add more: just save your post to your phone and open it again in the app to add another layer.

Key features:

  • Best for motion typography within videos
  • A music library to add audio to texts
  • Platform-specific formats
  • Solid color backdrops to make text pop

Price: Free with in-app purchases. 

2. InShot

inshot app
Figure 6: Inshot is the most versatile app for Instagram stories. Source: InShot

Available on: iOS and Android   

Perhaps the most popular app among Instagrammers, InShot’s tag line, “Release your unlimited creativity,” is on point. The app is incredibly adaptable for Instagram content creators. It is a multi-use app with options to edit photographs and photo collages for Instagram Stories. It includes a variety of animated stickers, typography, filters, music, transition effects, etc., to enhance your visual content’s impact and user appeal. The app’s interface only works in portrait mode and is perfect for creating collages or working on a single image. 

Key features: 

  • Easily trim, edit, and merge videos
  • In-Picture editing
  • best for giving videos a cinematic vibe
  • Video cropping and HD export options

Price: Free with paid premium features in different tiers. 

3. Quik

Boost your Instagram Stories go pro edit
Figure 7: GoPro’s Quik app is for editing videos on the go. Source: GoPro

Available on: iOS and Android

The best thing about this app is that Go Pro designed it, so Instagram and “instant” is at its heart. For creators who need quick video editing on the go, Quik gets the job done. It automatically searches your video footage for the best moments, joins the clips, and adds transition effects. You still have the option to edit your video manually to get the perfect result.

Key features:

  • Automatic video creation capabilities
  • Cloud backup for photos and videos
  • A selection of sophisticated video editing themes
  • Additional features for GoPro subscribers

Price: Free to use on a trial basis. Paid for premium features. 

4. Splice

boost your instagram stories with splice
Figure 8: GoPro’s Splice is another robust video editing app. Source: Splice

Available on: iOS

Using another GoPro offspring, Splice, you can quickly produce new videos from media in your photo gallery. The application allows you to cut video, add filters, set up stage transitions, record voiceovers, add captions, and download tracks from iTunes. It also has an extensive music collection in-app and supports music from iTunes. 

Use this app for Instagram Stories to quickly and easily assemble your favorite video parts into one seamless clip. Add the music collection and built-in transition effects to cap off your masterpiece. Splice has a straightforward UI that is easy to use and offers an algorithmically reliable manual for producing creative work.

Key features: 

  • Video trimming and cutting are simple
  • When used as an overlay, video and pictures can be scaled
  • All media can have filters applied with only one click
  • If you use the Pro version of Splice, you can add a lot more great tunes
  • The sound effect collection is excellent

Price: Free to use. You can remove the watermark with the paid version. 

No matter which app you use to explode the interaction on your Instagram Stories, we promise the results will be great. Download any of the apps above or give all of them a try and see if it changes your content game altogether. However, publishing random Stories multiple times a day isn’t the only goal. 

Instagram stories are just a tool for content creators to engage their community, build relationships with followers, and monetize their content through paid partnerships. But with a clear strategy and creativity, you can achieve your influencer goals even faster. 

Atisfyre can help you grow your influence and work with global brands in addition to monetizing your content. Our AI-based platform matches you with brands to form partnerships based on what you want to work on. Sign up here. 

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