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7 Smart Ways To Grow Your Following On Clubhouse

Published On September 16, 2021

Clubhouse is the latest online craze that has everyone lined up to get in! And since it is no longer an invite-only app, you have a golden opportunity to grow your online presence and become a noted influencer. All you have to do is create your account and get started on Clubhouse

In this blog, we’ll be sharing valuable tips on growing your Clubhouse following, so you can use it to build a thriving career. 

Clubhouse – The Next Big Social Media App

Clubhouse is a social media platform based on voice. There are no posts, pictures, videos, or private messaging. Users join the platform to talk, listen, and learn from each other through real-time conversations. 

Figure 1: Clubhouse: The Social Audio App. Source – Clubhouse

The core unit of activity on the app is the “room.” This is where people meet to talk about specific issues and interact with other users. The rooms that you can enter are determined by the people you follow and the interests you’ve listed on your bio. 

The app is easy to use since all you have to do is join a room and listen to the incredible conversations as you go about other activities. If you are ready to contribute to the discussion, raise your hand, and the moderator will invite you to the ‘stage.’ 

Why Is There A Trend Moving Away From Visual Platforms?

What’s the deal with audio apps, and why are people moving away from visual platforms? With the latest devices able to shoot in 8K, ditching visual platforms like Instagram and Snapchat for social audio apps like Clubhouse seems regressive. 

But these audio apps can deliver something that their visual counterparts cannot – a sense of community and belonging. The apps give users a digital experience that feels like hanging out with a close friend. There’s also less pressure to look good since no one can see you, and you can join a room without wearing makeup or designer clothes. 

How To Build A Clubhouse Following 

Wondering how to grow your following on Clubhouse? Here are the best tips that are useful for building a following on Clubhouse. 

1. Get on early

The sooner you get on Clubhouse, the better. The platform is still relatively new, and getting in early gives you time to learn how to use the app and simply learn the lingo of Clubhouse and mark your territory. Get in there and start offering value. Participate in the conversations, host rooms, and engage with other people in your niche. Do this consistently, and you will establish yourself as an authority before many celebrities join the platform. 

2. Flesh out your Clubhouse bio

Your bio is everything on Clubhouse. Other users look at this when they want to know who you are and what you do. So, take time to create a fantastic bio that showcases your skills, interests, and expertise.

The first three lines of your bio are the most important – they are the ones that appear next to your name, so make them super strong. Add relevant emojis to make your bio stand out. Also, consider adding links to your websites and other social media handles to make it easy for users to contact you. Just like it is important to have an impressive bio on Instagram, Clubhouse, too, should have an interesting bio.

3. Invite Influencers and Powerhouses to Clubhouse

When you sign up on Clubhouse, you get one invite to bring someone on the app. You will receive more invites when you constantly use the app, and you want to make sure you use them properly. 

Don’t waste your invites on people who will not use the app. Analyze your contact list and only select people you are sure will open the app regularly. If you know any influential people who could benefit from the community nature of Clubhouse, send them an invite and ask them to join. 

Clubhouse is still new and wants to attract more powerhouses to the platform. This includes celebrities, influencers, content creators, and niche experts. It, therefore, tends to favor people who invite such powerhouses to the platform. It will recommend your profile to new users joining the platform, thus helping you grow your following on Clubhouse. 

4. Attend “rooms” and raise your hand

It’s in the Clubhouse rooms where all the fascinating conversations take place. When you find yourself in a room, listen to what the speakers have to say but don’t leave without saying something. Conversations are the heart and soul of Clubhouse, and the moderators will invite the audience members to speak. 

When the chance arises, raise your hand to signal your intention to speak. Don’t interrupt the current speaker; wait until you are invited to the stage to start speaking. When you’re finally on stage, ensure to provide value to the listeners. Get that right, and you will stand out as worth following on Clubhouse. 

5. Pitch about yourself before you ask a question

When you get the chance to ask a question in a room, briefly announce yourself to other users. Tell them who you are and what you do. This gives the audience members a chance to know you better and see if what you’re doing is related to them.

6. Host panels – collaborations over competition

Invite other experts to your room to talk about the important issues in your industry. There’s strength in numbers, and that’s why you want to bring more experts together for a panel discussion rather than running the show all by yourself. 

When you are following someone on Clubhouse and add them as co-hosts, their followers receive notifications about it, so you could have more people attending. For this reason, focus on collaborations over the competition if you want to grow your following on Clubhouse. 

7. Apply to form a club

One of the best features of Clubhouse is its ability to build a community and have users follow a certain club. When you commit to one topic on the platform, Clubhouse will allow you to form a club. As you hold conversations, users will consider you a leader in that industry. Followers will get notified when you’re about to go live, and you can tackle important industry issues with each conversation. 

Cash In! Make Money On Clubhouse

With a huge following on the platform, you can monetize your influence and earn supplemental income. Here’s how to do it. 

Provide discount codes specific to Clubhouse users directing them to your products

You can use Clubhouse to sell your products or services to your audience. Add links on your bio that take people to your website to complete the purchase. To entice Clubhouse users to buy your products, provide exclusive codes that give them a discount when they make a purchase. For example, you can share a discount code like CLUBHOUSE20 for 20% off your products or services. 

Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t have your own products to sell, you can promote other people’s products and get a commission. Approach brands that sell the products you love and let them know that you can promote them in an affiliate marketing arrangement. Brands too need influencers to grow their business

They will give you a unique link that you will advertise on your bio. Every time a customer purchases through the link, you will get a percentage of the sales. Plug the products during your everyday conversations with other members to get them to consider the products you are promoting. 

Secure more clients as a coach

Clubhouse is an excellent app for showcasing your expertise as a coach and developing connections with users. As you consistently talk about a specific topic on the platform, you establish yourself as an authority figure in that niche. Your name will pop up when people need advanced training in that topic, and you can sell your services as a coach. 

For example, if you are a successful influencer, you can train people to skyrocket their social media growth. Create a club where you provide excellent value for free. Those who want in-depth coverage can join your weekly lessons for personal training on becoming a noted influencer. 

Private, Exclusive Clubhouse Rooms

There are rumors that Clubhouse is planning to add a feature that allows users to monetize their rooms. When this happens, you can create a closed room where people can join for detailed coverage on specific issues in your industry. Members pay a fee to access the room, and Clubhouse gets a cut for the hosted rooms. 

Clubhouse is a welcome addition to the social media ecosystem with its unique audio-only format. The app is still new, and getting in early gives you the chance to grow your Clubhouse following and become a leading figure in your industry. 

The above tips will help you attract more people to your bio and build a successful online career. This way, you will not have to search how to hide the following on Clubhouse because of a low follower count. We have also developed atisfyre, our AI-based influencer platform, to help you manage your online presence and connect with the right brands. Sign up today. It’s FREE!

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